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Self-described 'activist' named to state's high court

Arizona lawmakers spar over education funding plan

Supporters of education funding proposal raise $1.75 million

Bill would let Arizona ignore presidential orders

Ducey wants state to reduce income taxes

State GOP chief: Bitter Smith should consider resigning

Two-thirds of Arizona students fail new AzMERIT test

Arizona students struggle with new statewide test

State treasurer: New education funding plan likely illegal


More Proof That American Teachers Are Underpaid And Deserve More Respect

McGraw-Hill Education CEO Says It Has Done Enough To Fix Its Description Of Slaves As 'Workers'

GOP Lawmaker Wants To Cut Religion From Tennessee's World History Curriculum, Because Islam

Newark Teachers Express Frustration With Current Merit Pay System

Here Is What We Know About John King, The Next Secretary Of Education

Education Secretary Arne Duncan To Step Down In December

Clinton wins endorsement of National Education Association

Florida’s big charter school problem (which Jeb Bush manages not to talk about)

Seattle Teachers' Deal Goes Beyond Pay

Alabama Students Will Finally Be Required To Learn About Climate Change And Evolution

Seattle Teachers Strike On First Day Of School


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