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Victory for Arizona’s Students – Court Says State Must Increase Education Funding $300 Million

Arizona Official Offers Teary Apology For Racist Blog Posts, Won't Resign

State schools chief admits to anonymous blog posts

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Expanding state aid to private and parochial schools on track


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California Teacher Tenure Law Unconstitutional

All 74 School Shootings Since Newtown, In One Depressing Map

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You think you know what teachers do. Right? Wrong.

Majority Of Americans Would Probably Support The Common Core, If They Knew What It Was

Texas Board Of Ed, Gubernatorial Candidates Want God In Public Schools, Says Survey

States Sued Over Education Funding

Turns Out Anti-Union Volkswagen Workers May Have Screwed Themselves And The South

World’s richest 85 people have as much as half of globe’s population

This Is What Could Close The Achievement Gap Among Young Kids, Study Says

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